Action and adventure! Follow the exploits of The Silent Guardians as they get the girl, beat the bad guys, and save the entire planet!

  1. The Silent Guardians!
    Meet our heroes and see them take on giant robots and Beethoven’s Five!
  2. The Mad Thinker
    Another giant robot, and a trip to the Brothers Grimm Day Care Center.
  3. Sneaky Snakes Go Dancin’
    Guthrie Mansion, a new friend, football, and a betrayal.
  4. Brian Jackson, Supervillain!
    Really? Maybe, maybe not. Also, more Serpent Society, more 241 Mafia, and maybe even a new member of the Silent Guardians.
  5. Demons of the Fall
    Where we find out what’s up with Mary Matthews, sort of.
  6. The Wonderful World of Mary Matthews
    Part dream, part real, the Silent Guardians experience the surprisingly non-bleak world of Mary Matthews.
  • The Silent Guardians!