Brothers Grimm Day Care Center

The Bros. Grimm Day Care Center is the “worst kept secret in Missouri.” It is common knowledge that the Bros. Grimm, despite their denials, is a super max super prison, holding prisoners such as Mad Thinker, Fever Attack, Knight Battler, and Nurse Warp, among others (including recent arrivals Amalgamation Man, Aquatic Tesla, and Time Bat).

COs at the Bros. Grimm include:

  • Warden Wardonkey
  • 8-Track Mariner
  • Captain Cinnamon
  • Chiuahuainator
  • Drool Nomad
  • Empress Moron
  • Hairbrush Warbler
  • Pharaoh Carburetor
  • Saint Chipmunk
  • Salvo Snorer
  • Vomit Boy
  • Brothers Grimm Day Care Center

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