Tag: Mad Thinker


  • Giant Robot Monster

    A giant robot created by the Mad Thinker, the giant robot monster attacked Kingdom Falls during a KFU Dragons football game. [[The Silent Guardians | The Silent Guardians]] managed to temporarily gain control of the thing, but the Mad Thinker retook …

  • Mad Thinker

    Former occupant of Guthrie Mansion, the Mad Thinker was arrested 13 years ago and incarcerated at the [[Brothers Grimm Day Care Center | Bros. Grimm Day Care Center]]. The Mad Thinker is a roboticist, a real wizard when it comes to inventing robots. …

  • Spiderbot

    Created by the [[:mad-thinker | Mad Thinker]] specifically for defending his [[:giant-robot-monster | Giant Robot Monster]], the spiderbots are relatively cheap and easy to make. The Mad Thinker will likely make use of them in the future.

  • Sawbot

    Created by the [[:mad-thinker | Mad Thinker]] to help defend Guthrie Mansion, sawbots, like [[:spiderbot | spiderbots]], are cheap and easy to make. He'll likely use them often.

  • Puncherbot

    Just like [[:sawbot | sawbots ]]and [[:spiderbot | spiderbots]], puncherbots were created by the [[:mad-thinker | Mad Thinker]] for the defense of his property. Also like the other 'bots, they are cheap and easy to make, and he'll have em around.