Trap Web


Big, dumb, and actually quite attractive, Trap Web is one of the 241 Mafia’s super powered members. She is an enforcer, a leg-breaker. Ice Bloom uses her to send messages to those who defy him and his gang’s goals.

Trap Web is a big sexy black woman who wears a skimpy pink and green costume. She isn’t the roundest marble in the bag, and therefore doesn’t use her powers very intelligently. She tends to pick a guy and just beat on him. She does like to paralyze a guy with her paralyzing touch, and then pummel the helpless dude, but she seldom uses her ranged version of the attack. She also enjoys grappling, and is pretty good at it.

Trap Web dreams that one day a handsome superhero will come and sweep her off her feet. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know any superheroes (except for Ice Bloom and Dog Spear, and they don’t exactly look like Prince Charming).


Trap Web

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