ninja pinup psion


F GD 10
A EX 20
S TY 6
E EX 20
R PR 4
I GD 10
P AM 50

Telepathy – RM 30
Telekinesis – RM 30
Forcefield Generation – RM 30
Psionic Attack – RM 30

Martial Arts A


Ayumi Higurashi is a beautiful young Japanese woman only recently come to the United States. She is enrolled at Kingdom Falls University, pursuing a degree in psychiatry. Although she is serious about her studies, she has trouble with the material, and is struggling with her classes. She is a very skilled piano player, but her demanding parents forbid her to pursue a career in music.

Ayumi is a mutant, and has known this for several years. It wasn’t until meeting Dr. Decibel and Jaguar that she decided to reveal herself and become Synapsis!

Synapsis uses the powers of both telepathy and telekinesis. She is able to generate forcefields, and can knock those with weak minds unconscious.


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