Rowdy Rosey


Rowdy Rosey learned quite a bit about magic while she was trapped in Merlin’s maze, and Mr. Fluffy (her talking cat familiar) has helped to teach her more. She wears the Damno Orbis Deliciae, and her Colt Peacemaker fires enchanted bullets. She is also able to cast a spell that can paralyze her opponents, and knows another spell that protects her against sensory attacks.

Rosey wears a white and blue dress, and cowboy boots. She keeps her long blonde hair worn up, and carries her pistol when she’s ready for action. She always wears her ring.


Rowdy Rosey is a young woman who happens to have been born in Kansas in the late 19th Century. While on a trip to England, she happened upon an ancient tower purported to have been inhabited by Merlin. The tower was much bigger on the inside than on the outside, and Rosey wandered the maze-like corridors for what seemed like years. How right she was. When she emerged, she found herself in modern-day Kansas.

She wandered about the Midwest for several months before meeting the Attractive Attractor. The two learned more about each other and grew to be close friends.

Now, having no knowledge of this world, she has joined the Challengers of Infinity to help them fight crime in her new hometown, Kingdom Falls MO.

While she was trapped in Merlin’s maze, she found several artifacts: a magical ring called Damno Orbis Deliciae, a book of spells penned by Merlin (she’s learned to cast a few of them), and a large, talking, winged cat whom she calls Mr. Fluffy.

Rowdy Rosey

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