As Jaguar (As Human)
F EX 30 (EX 20)
A AM 50 (EX 20)
S IN 40 (GD 10)
E IN 40 (GD 10)
R TY 6 (TY 6)
I EX 20 (EX 20)
P GD 10 (GD 10)

Claws – RM 30
Tracking Sense – GD 10
Light Manipulation – GD 10
Leaping – AM 50

Martial Arts E 10
Archeology 5


Meztli “Mez” Cooper

Mez was raised in Central Mexico by his Archeologist father and his Aztec mother. While helping is father on a dig in a Temple to Tezcatlipoca- God of the Night Sky, Mez was empowered by an Idol to be a true Jaguar Warrior. The people need protecting now more than ever.

Soon after he returned to the States to continue his schooling. A natural athlete, Mez quickly became the all-star wideout of the KFU Dragons football team, but the focus on money and not the sport is making it hard for him to continue.

Although as Jaguar, he is dedicated to doing good and fighting crime, as Mez, he is an apathetic student and athlete. He does just enough to get by. In fact, the only reason that he’s dating his girlfriend Heather is because he knows it annoys Lance Bishop, the Dragons’ quarterback.


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