Ice Bloom

leader of 241 Mafia


A thin black man with blond and blue hair, Ice Bloom can control and manipulate ice. He is able to enlarge himself to up to 18’ in height, and can actually turn others into ice. He wears a black and red costume (the colors of the 241 Mafia). Ice Bloom is cocky but smart; he hates to lose, but knows when he’s been beat. And if he gets beat, he’ll come back twice as hard next time.

Ice Bloom is loquacious and speaks in a loud voice. He is kind of a cliche super villain/evil swashbuckler:

“You can never defeat me, hero! Not only is my plan foolproof, but your feeble powers are no match for my own! Oh, so you wish to test your strength against mine? Very well! I long for the moment of your demise! Have at thee!”


Ice Bloom

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