Although Firebreather can no longer breathe fire, he hasn’t let that get him down. He is determined to continue to fight crime in Kingdom Falls, and to do so has learned to shoot well and is a skilled martial artist.

He wears a green and red costume with a phoenix symbol on the chest. This costume provides some body armor, and is also resistant to fire and heat (he still retains a little of his own fire resistant powers, and the suit amplifies this a bit). Firebreather always carries several firearms on his person, and although he tries not to shoot to kill, well, accidents happen…


Antoine “Ace” Jefferson used to be a crime-fighting super hero until Amalgamation Man stole his powers. He has not given up hope, though, and is still determined to fight crime. He’s spent his time training to fight with guns and fists, and has recently joined with the Attractive Attractor to form the Challengers of Infinity.

Ace is a tall, thin black man approaching 50. He smokes a lot and has a gravelly voice. He currently works as a clerk at a Break Time in Kingdom Falls. He’s a friendly guy, easy to get along with. He is a big fan of the Silent Guardians since they’ve defeated Amalgamation Man not only once but twice.


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