Dr. Decibel

genius nano-scientist


F GD10
A RM 30
S GD 10
E EX 20
R AM 50
I EX 20
P GD 10

Sound Generation – IN 40
Sound Manipulation – RM 32
Body Transformation / Other – RM 36 (into silicon statue)
Animal Transformation / Self FE 2 (into big falcon)

Repair / Tinker


While experimenting with nano-technology, Prof. Dominic Hughes was accidentally infected with the nanites he was working on. He soon discovered that “the guys” as he calls them had melded with his body to give him super powers. He is not only able to manipulate sound, but the nanites allow him to transform himself into a large falcon, and he can even use them to turn others into silicon statues for up to half an hour.

Incredibly smart (and, many would say, incredibly arrogant), Prof. Hughes is an engineering teacher at Kingdom Falls University. He is a ladies’ man, and many of the female students at KFU either have a crush on him, or have at one time or another.

Prof. Hughes has long coveted the position of head of the engineering dept. at KFU. He suspects that his rival in academia, Prof. Donald Harrison (head of the department) is actually Aquatic Tesla.

He has recently discovered that he was right about Prof. Harrison. And there is now a new head of the engineering dept.: Sally Mae Thurman. Prof. Hughes actually sees this as a boon; after all, he now has more time to devote to fighting crime as Doctor Decibel.

Dr. Decibel

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