Doppelbot is a creation of the Mad Thinker. Created from a puncherbotframe, Doppelbot possesses genuine superpowers, and is used by the Mad Thinker as an infiltration/espionage unit.

In its normal form, Doppelbot resembles a hairless, sexless, expressionless humanoid with gray skin. The Doppelbot is able to perfectly imitate any humanoid, and has been programmed with several languages to help with the deception. It possesses the same body armor, combat programming, and physical capabilities (with a little extra structural integrity in the form of Endurance) as a puncherbot. It can detect the presence of psychic activity. One side effect of its creation that the Mad Thinker did not anticipate is Doppelbot’s ability to mimic superpowers. It can do so almost perfectly, but it must first observe the power in use. Its memory capabilities limit the number of powers it can retain for future use, and it has an unfortunate tendency to overwrite existing powers with new ones, no matter if the old power is awesome and the new one is lame. Stupid robot…



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