Brian Jackson


All brains, no brawn, Brian Jackson once told Mez that he’s “the smartest person you know, and likely the smartest person you’ll ever meet.” Brian is a computer wizard, and is knowledgeable in mathematics, science, and other more geeky areas (gaming, SF trivia, comics). His fighting strategy is to curl up in the fetal position and scream, “not in the face, not in the face!”

FASE <= PR (4)
RIP >= IN (40)


A skinny, geeky black kid, Brian is Mez’s roommate at KFU. He’s been helping Mez with his studies, and is Prof. Hughes’ star pupil. Brian is addicted to MMORPGs, especially WoW. He has recently discovered that he really, really likes Ayumi. He’s actually been on a “date” with her (he considers it a date, she doesn’t), and is starting to become somewhat obsessed with her.

Brian was recently captured by the Serpent Society, and he revealed to them the secret identities of the Silent Guardians (as “the smartest person you’ll ever meet,” it wasn’t hard for him to figure out who they all were). He wants to make it up to them, of course, and has offered to help in any way he can. The Silent Guardians have accepted this help, and are in the process of figuring out a way to put his brains to use. He obviously won’t be accompanying them on any missions, but should prove valuable in several ways.

Brian Jackson

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