Attractive Attractor


The Attractive Attractor wears a tight blue and gray uniform with a short cape. She carries a sword and a pistol. She has trained tirelessly in the past several years since having her powers stolen by Amalgamation Man, and is a master of the sword and gun, a phenomenal acrobat, and a fierce martial artist. Her mask allows her to see perfectly in the dark, and she has trained in stealth.


After her powers were stolen by Amalgamatin Man, the Attractive Attractor lost all hope. She was ready to take her own life, but then she found Jesus. And after that, she found the will to continue on.

She has since given her life over to training, to try to rid the streets of Kingdom Falls of crime. She still holds a grudge against Amalgamation Man, and this might one day force her to decide between her Christian beliefs and her desire for revenge.

Attractive Attractor

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