The Silent Guardians!

The Silent Guardians!

Mez Cooper, Professor Dominic Hughes, and Ayumi Higurashi met and discovered that they all have super powers. They decided to join together to fight crime in Kingdom Falls MO as the Silent Guardians!

Their first action as a team involved several large spiky robots. All three of the heroes were out on the town in their secret identities (Mez was on a date with his girlfriend Heather, Ayumi was going for a pizza for her roommate Mary Matthews, and Prof. Hughes was going to get a burger). Suddenly, they noticed a spiky robot chasing a man down the middle of the street. The heroes managed to slip away and don their costumes, and then engaged the robot in battle.

The battle didn’t go well. The first robot was joined by two others, and the heroes were forced to retreat and watch them from a distance. The robots smashed the cornerstone of the Guthrie Mansion, and took the metal box within it and dumped it into the fountain in Buchanan Park. The robots then returned to the Overton Storage Facility.

Jaguar (Mez) and Synapsis (Ayumi) investigated the box, but found it empty. Meanwhile, Dr. Decibel (Prof. Hughes) flew to the Overton Storage Facility to watch the robots. He discovered that the place was on fire. The fire dept. and police showed up, and Dr. Decibel fled the scene.

Later investigation turned up that there had been a total of five of the robots, and they had been shipped from St. Louis. They did some research on Guthrie Mansion and learned that the place had been owned by the Mad Thinker until his incarceration 13 years ago. The Mad Thinker was being held at the Bros. Grimm Day Care Center, a super max super prison in St. Louis.

Before the Silent Guardians could follow up on this information, they had a run in with a group of super villains called Beethoven’s Five. B5 had broken into the Something Special jewelry store, and the heroes arrived before they could escape. During the battle, Time Bat opened a gateway sending Synapsis to the Kingdom Falls Bridge—a long run back to the fight! Jaguar managed to knock out Time Bat, but was hard pressed by Aquatic Tesla and Amalgamation Man. Dr. Decibel contributed to the fight, more in spirit than effectiveness. The Vile Violinist, leader of Beethoven’s Five, and the fifth member, Tiny Tornado emerged from the jewelry store and took to the sky to escape. Jaguar and Dr. Decibel knocked out Amalgamation Man, but Aquatic Tesla managed to escape. Synapsis got back just in time to see the cops arrive, and she raised a forcefield so that the Silent Guardians could make their escape.

The next day in his office, Prof. Hughes notices that his academic rival (and head of the engineering dept.) Prof. Donald Harrison is limping and looks to have been in a fight. Prof. Harrison notices the same thing about Prof. Hughes. The two eye each other warily during the tense discussion about the goals of the engineering department at Kingdom Falls University.

Meanwhile, Ayumi notices that the violin that normally hangs on the wall in her music class is missing. Also, the music teacher, Miles Weston, suddenly changes the song that the class is to play, from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to Fur Elise.

Mez has football practice, and he and Lance Bishop, the quarterback of the KFU Dragons, argue as usual. Mez knows that this is only because Lance is jealous of Mez’s skills and his girlfriend.

Later, Ayumi notices that her roommateis acting strangely. More strange than normal, even. Maryleaves the room and Ayumi copies down the title of one of the strange books Mary has been reading—Confuto Tractus Vox. She plans to have the title translated later.

Finally, the first football game of the season. Mez and the rest of the Dragons are eager to get underway, and Ayumi and Prof. Hughes are both in the stands. The game goes normally for the first possession of the K State Wildcats, but as soon as the Dragons offense takes the field, a giant robot monster erupts from the middle of the field!



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