The Silent Guardians!

The Mad Thinker

The Silent Guardians spring into action, determined to have better results against this giant robot than they did against the last one. Unfortunately, this one is fifty feet tall and covered with thick metal armor…

Sysnapsisestablishes a mental link between the three of them, and Dr. Decibel informs them that there is a secret hatch located between the monster’s “shoulder blades.” Jaguarjumps up on the monster, only to be attacked by the robot’s guardians—six spiderbots! Jaguarfinally manages to claw his way into the robot, but only after having a hell of a hard time against the spiderbots (who also manage to vex Synapsisand Dr. Decibel quite effectively). Dr. Decibel joins Jaguarin the robotand find a control room in its head. They work frantically to take control of the thing while Synapsistries to contain the remaining spiderbots and avoid the attacks of the giant robot monster.

The heroes manage to gain control of the robot and use it to neutralize the remaining spiderbots. It is then that the Mad Thinker appears on the screens in the control room. He taunts Dr. Decibel for a few moments, then retakes control of the giant robot. The thing burrows back down beneath the football field, returning from whence it came.

During his talk with the Mad Thinker, Dr. Decibel noticed that the room the villain was broadcasting from did not resemble any sort of prison cell he was familiar with. The group decided that they would need to visit the Bros. Grimm Day Care Center to make sure that the Mad Thinker was actually there.

They decided that they would talk with the police chief, Chief Barney Owens. They went to his house and after a tense moment he invited them in.

Chief Owens told them in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t crazy about the idea of vigilantes in long underwear running around in his town, but he also understands that his men aren’t equipped to deal with the sudden rash of super villains. They asked how they might get into the Bros. Grimm facility, and he told them that they should talk to Frankenhammer, a guard from the facility that would be transporting Amalgamation Man there on Monday (Time Bat had escaped some time earlier, naturally).

The Silent Guardians also learned that Guthrie Mansion had been broken into during the battle with the giant robot monster, but they (the culprits) had set off an alarm and fled before they were able to do much.

That night, the heroes decided that they would go on patrol. At a Break Time, they interrupted a robbery by members of the 241 Mafia, a local gang. Although they managed to apprehend all six of the gangbangers, they had to work hard for it (and were pretty embarrassed by what they felt was a subpar performance). The clerk at the Break Time, Antoine Jefferson (“call me Ace”) is actually the former Firebreather, a super hero whose career was ended when Amalgamation Man stole his powers. Come to find out, Ace is the Silent Guardians’ biggest fan.

On Sunday, the heroes went to the Kingdom Falls Police Station to talk to Frankenhammer. The big guard didn’t do much talking, but the Silent Guardians did speak to Wardonkey, warden of the Bros. Grimm Day Care Center, on the phone. Wardonkey told them they could ride with Frankenhammer on Monday and then visit with the Mad Thinker when they got there.

Naturally, the rest of Beethoven’s Five tried to break Amalgamation Man out on the way to St. Louis. Vile Violinist ripped part of the road up to create a wall, which Frankenhammer promptly crashed the van into. After a furious battle, the Vile Violinist and Tiny Tornado managed to flee yet again, but the Silent Guardians captured Time Bat (again), Amalgamation Man(again), and Aquatic Tesla.

After being mistaken for the Quiet Watchers by some passing motorists, the Silent Guardians finally made it to Bros. Grimm. They were chewed out by Warden Wardonkey, but they did get to talk to the Mad Thinker. During the interrogation, they discovered that he is actually an almost perfect robotic replica of the real Mad Thinker. This one had been created by that villain, and had spent its entire existence in this prison cell.

They were now determined to figure out what the Mad Thinker is up to. But first, back to school. Heatherhad been worried about Mez (and it seems also has a crush on Prof. Hughes, just like most of the young women at KFU), and Brian Jackson, Mez’s roommate, seems to be developing feelings for Ayumi (and she isn’t sure how she feels about that). Prof. Hughes, meanwhile, was informed by the dean that Prof. Harrison would not be returning to the university. He would make an announcement within the next couple of days as to who would be taking over the engineering department. Prof. Hughes was almost drooling with anticipation; he’d been coveting that position for as long as he’d been at KFU.

That night, the Silent Guardians went to investigate Guthrie Mansion to figure out what significance the place had. They went to sneak in the back way, and Jaguarsaw some movement on the roof over the back door. He leaped up to the roof, only to be confronted by a pair of beautiful women—Diamondback and Black Mamba, members of the Serpent Society!



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